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Oral and maxillofacial surgery
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
The new methods, technologies, combined with over 15 years of experience make interventions to be minimally invasive and the post-operative recovery to be very short.
Dental implant
Dental implant
The dental implant is one of the most modern and efficient treatment solutions as a fixed alternative for missing teeth, with a long lifespan.           
Prevention associated with comprehensive treatment plans designed in an interdisciplinary approach for healthy teeth and a smile as you want.           
Facial aesthetics
Facial aesthetics
Facial correction and remodelling using hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. We use modern techniques and treatments for immediate results!           

About us

Wellcome to Medicine & Smiles

Well done. It is not just a slogan, it is our philosophy of life. Either we speak about our professional life, or about our own health, we like to do things well and to restore a good condition of life.
This is why we have built Medicine & Smiles Clinic!
Because we care, because we are professionals and we like quality.
We target adults but also children. We address to your family.
Medicine & Smiles is an ultramodern clinic located near Selgros hypermarket in Craiova.
We sought the most advanced technologies in oral-maxillofacial surgery and dentistry to give maximum safety of care.
We have created the perfect ambience to give you the most pleasant feelings of relaxation and good condition of life.

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Aesthetic dentistry

Specific treatments and methods to achieve a harmonious completion of the physiognomy with the most beautiful smile.


Dental prosthetics works have, in addition to their aesthetic and functional role, the role to restore the psychic balance of patients.


Dental radiology complements clinical examination and is one of the most important diagnostic tools in dental medicine.


It provides very good results both in children and adults, improving the functionality, health and appearance of teeth.


Children’s dental problems are different from an adult’s problems, and meeting the physician is an important step that must be run through.


Endodontic interventions are performed with dental microscope, instrument that gives us images for the treatments of the highest quality.


Healthy teeth also mean healthy gums! Complex, individualized treatment plans, to obtain and preserve a periodontal healthy tissue.

Dental-alveolar surgery

Diagnostics followed by treatment of lesions and pathological functions of surgical nature in the oral cavity region.

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Medicine & Smiles

Media and Presentations

Tourism Fair of Oltenia 2016

Services dedicated to medical tourism in dental medicine presented at the Tourism Fair of Oltenia.


Dentistry as a play!
Services perfectly designed and adapted to infant patients!


With hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. Minimally invasive interventions for facial corrections with immediate effect!


Visible effects within 30 minutes. A natural smile enlightening our face and giving us confidence in ourselves!


Modern and comfortable treatments for patients of any age, for a better oral health and a more attractive appearance.

Dental medicine during holidays!

Customized programs that perfectly mix the time necessary for interventions with spare time!